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Check our self

Posted on May 23, 2020 at 10:15 PM

The last time I was in court supporting a father and his baby daugther the question came up again. What does a competent father look like in the eyes of the courts? I see fathers with ever issue and barrier I can imagine, and some I have also had to work through myself. I was ask today what was my organizations model (meaning how does a father look in my organizations eyes) of a serviced father and family. For a moment it through me, becasue I'm  so use to being seen and treated as less than, the way society sees me and our community. Then I remembered the model is not about me but what I have accomplished in my FAMILY and COMMUNITY. I have fallen but I got back up, I dropped the ball but I redeemed myself by staying in the game. I'm at every practice with years of experience because my family comes first. The courts don't forgive they look for compliance, Moms don't forgive they look for action, Children do forgive fathers that model change and consistancy

Dads don't give up so fathers, dont give up.   

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