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Only in a perfect world

Posted on May 20, 2020 at 10:40 PM

Pandemic, unemployment, broken relationships, homelessness, long distance, Gateway Moms and Child support and custoty issues, low self esteem and all other sort of barriers only make fatherhood very difficult. Some of us never had fathers or good moms, some of us never had the example of any thing positive. Of course these are not excusses and if you feel they are, then can you put yourself in their shoes? Look Dads we get it but, we don't quit or give in, we must continue to be the best fathers we can be by all means necisary. Even if it means we have to change something. We are still here!!!. Don't forget about the videos send them in before june/1/20 be a winner get a prize help out another father. Go to Website.

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